The Red Ambertree

Titelbild: (c) pexels

von Athoos

Red leaf, red blood  

Who would have thought that the red leaf would once be the most important thing. 

Just after late summer. How can it be that so many call it autumn. The warmer weather with the cooler breeze. The summer tan with hot love. Which will become history. Between sunshine and raindrops. Cool but warmer in our hearts.  

Do you keep me warm when it gets dark earlier? Will you give me your jacket when you notice I’m getting colder? Do you walk with me endlessly – until the red leaf falls?  

We wanted to see so much more – like the cold evenings instead of the mild ones, like the Christmas markets instead of the supermarkets and like the red trees instead of the yellow ones.  

Talk so much more – like about us instead of others – and even more about our feelings instead of what we feel.  

Feel so much as long as the blood is still flowing in the red leaf, but who would have thought that it would stop flowing in a short time – that it would die, turn black and fall.  

Autumn is the shortest but most beautiful time of the year. 

Once it’s over – we’re over.  

Yesterday, the blood stopped flowing, the heart stopped beating, the leaf fell on the floor and feelings are gone.