Beitragsbild: (c) pexels

Poem von Athoos


Always there but never wanted. 
Rosemary was something every household had, but I personally hated it.

Raw, bloody, meat – Rosemary. 
Skin, warmth, intimacy – Rosemary. 

Something I always struggled with. 
While everybody used it as an interesting seasoning, I could not take it. 
Dried rosemary smells resinous and tastes cold on the tongue.
Everybody offers – nobody tells
There was only one time when it was different. 
Patience was there, mistakes were taken, heart was not aching.
This time Rosemary tasted like…

Intense, spicy-tart aroma. Freshly reminiscent of pine needles. Cold kisses and warm touching. The smell peculiar and forever to remember. I could not get enough from it. 

A spice, that has cost me my mind, my heart, my patience. 

Rosemary, I once did not like you, now I must hate you. 

Rosemary, what did you do to me?

~ Athoos